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Emergency Management
Industrial Firefighting
Contract Emergency Services
Transportation Emergency Response
Hazardous Materials Response
Industrial Hygiene Monitoring
Remediation and Disposal
Security Assessment
Professional Consulting Products

We Have Moved! Please note our new address: 11831 West Fairmont Pkwy., La Porte, Texas 77571.

M&M Protection, LLC maintains an experienced team of dedicated professionals combining over one hundred (100) years of emergency response, firefighting, safety, security, and industrial hygiene capabilities. M&M Protection, LLC takes great pride in providing quality and timely products and services to our customers. We believe that being on time every time with a cost effective response is a mark of quality and will create satisfied customers who will continue to use our services.

M&M Protection, LLC
11831 West Fairmont Pkwy.
LaPorte, Texas 77571

(281) 842-8300 - Office

(281) 842-8314 - Fax

(713) 818-4808 24 Hr Response

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