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M&M Protection, LLC was founded as a Complete Emergency Management and Response Company to provide Firefighting, Hazardous Materials leak and spill response, Management of Emergency Incidents, Medical/Rescue services, Security Assessments, Safety training and Consulting, and General Site Contract Services for the benefit of industrial, municipal and commercial customers.

M&M Protection, LLC conducts business on behalf of its clients for the overall good of the employee and employer, working together towards a safe and healthful workplace which is free from hazards. We employ a unique approach to safety and emergency response by providing a continuous working relationship with our clients. M&M Protection, LLC, provides services on demand and maintains additional support personnel through the use of full-time and part-time employees, and subcontractors with the highest quality credentials available.

It is our mission to provide value-added customized safety and emergency services while incorporating a cost-savings approach. Our competencies in complete safety and emergency response program management will provide our customers with a team of professionals dedicated to the protection of life, health and the environment.

It is our goal to be a total safety, health, environmental and emergency response resource to our customers, serving as an interface between private industry, communities and regulatory agencies. M&M Protection, LLC provides turn-key, completely customizable services, to include safety systems consultation, training, exposure assessments, stressor monitoring, hazardous materials education, security threat assessments, complete emergency management, and full service emergency response. M&M Protection, LLC will maintain the highest level of professionalism, trust, and integrity through development of on-going relationships with our customers, to achieve the maximum potential in customer service.

M&M Protection, LLC places a strong emphasis on quality, ensuring our employees, alliance vendors, and subcontractors are prepared to embrace the concept of true emergency response readiness twenty four hours a day. M&M Protection, LLC maintains a quality team of professionals who abide by the philosophies of Responsible Care, and achieve results safely and effectively every time.

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