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Contract Emergency Services

Contract Emergency Services is the cost effective solution to your in-plant emergency response needs. M&M Protection, LLC provides customers with on-site emergency services personnel to perform daily fire prevention inspection and maintenance, necessary training and drills, industrial hygiene monitoring, rescue stand-by and other emergency response program needs. Facilities who contract individually or as a consortium with industrial neighbors benefit from dedicated personnel, reduced response times, elimination of duplicated equipment, and a professionally maintained state of readiness for immediate in-plant emergency response.

Our company can provide in-house or shared fire protection professionals and equipment. M&M will consult with your organization as well as other local organizations to begin developing the customized program for your sites. M&M will work with all organizations invloved to obtain a cost analysis and budget for the services provided. The path forward could range from a few full-time personnel as a supplement to the existing resources to the implementation of a shared fire station equipped with fully trained personnel and equipment to serve as stand-alone support for all Emergency Operations and Medical needs. Contact M&M for your consultation today.

M&M Protection, LLC provides In-Plant:

  • Turn-key Emergency Services to address all your Emergency Program Management needs fulfilled by M&M personnel.
  • Fire Response Equipment and Maintenance
  • Incident Command and Management
  • Industrial Fire Protection and Response
  • Hazardous Materials Response and Remediation
  • Confined Space and Technical Rope Rescue
  • Perimeter Security Patrol and Threat Response
  • Mass Casualty Incident Response
  • Severe Weather Preparation and Response
  • Transportation Related Emergency Response
  • Required Hazwoper, Rescue, Confined Space & Fire Related Training
  • Industrial Hygiene Monitoring
  • Fire Extinguisher Checks
  • Fire Equipment Inspecions and Maintenance
  • Plan Development Assistance
  • Customized Needs Fulfillment
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Contract Emergency Services
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