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Emergency Management

We provide the expertise required to safely and cost effectively manage any emergency situation. One of the discoveries we have made is that many of our customers are requesting assistance with the executive level support before, during, and after an emergency. In these situations, M&M Protection, LLC provides turn-key Emergency Operations Center support. M&M will perform the required assessments, develop, write and implement a complete Emergency Response Plan, provide training for the plan, and assist in the Emergency Operations Center by offering support to the Incident Commander. This enables the client to have direct access to the knowledge and experience of M&M while continuing to strengthen internal support staff experiences.

Still maintining this objective, our personnel can assume the role of Incident Command, staff the Emergency Operations Center and safely bring any emergency to a conclusion. We will logistically manage all aspects of the emergency, including acquiring the appropriate subcontractors necessary utilizing our SCAN (SubContractor Association Network) program to assist in incident conclusion as well as aftermath clean-up and disposal. As a part of our Emergency Management Program, M&M Protection, LLC provides the expertise necessary to completely and effectively handle your emergencies. Available around the clock, M&M Protection will respond on your behalf to any emergency situation anywhere in the world.

  • 24 Hour Access to over 100 years of Emergency Management and Response expertise.
  • Safety First mentality for all responses.
  • On-scene Incident Commander as first responder.
  • EOC coordination and execution utilizing M&M Protection, LLC support personnel.
  • Organization and oversight of all responders (M&M personnel or additional contractors) necessary to conclude the emergency—One resource to meet all your needs.
  • Logistics handling for cost control during and after an emergency.
  • SCAN program access.
  • Liaison for community and governmental organizations and agencies
  • Critiques organized after the emergency for lessons-learned and internal improvement opportunities.
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