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Hazardous Materials Response

Emergency Response is provided utilizing professionals with experience derived from years of service in the Industry. M&M Protection, LLC will handle any type of Hazardous Chemicals Emergency; Transportation or on-site, leak, spill or fire. We provide the personnel and equipment necessary to get the job done. Our response capabilities range from non-hazardous chemicals, such as Diesel Fuel and Fuel Oil, to high pressure reactive chemicals, such as Chlorine and Ethylene Oxide.

M&M Protection, LLC provides on-going support before your emergency in order to understand your specific Hazardous Material Response needs. M&M Protection, LLC will provide complete management of your hazardous material incident using a logical cost-control approach. With our SCAN (SubContractor Association Network) program, our Emergency Response Manager can mediate the incident logistically from hundreds of miles away.

  • 24 Hour Emergency Response for all your Hazardous Materials needs.
  • Commitment to an on-going relationship and a true knowledge of your Hazardous Materials needs.
  • Safety First mentality for all responses.
  • Knowledgeable, experienced Emergency Management and Response professionals.
  • Wide hazardous material chemical knowledge base and experience.
  • Expertise, Experience and man-power to supplement any existing response efforts.
  • Executive level support for EOC activities.
  • Immediate logistical response for ultimate cost control.
  • Emergency stabilization and professional representation every time.
  • Critiques organized after the emergency for lessons-learned and internal improvement opportunities.
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