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Industrial Hygiene Monitoring

M&M Protection, LLC can respond to your Emergency Response needs around the clock. As a part of our Emergency Management Program, M&M Protection, LLC provides offsite industrial hygiene response for emergencies, ranging from response personnel monitoring to off-site community protection verification.

M&M Protection, LLC also provides degreed Industrial Hygienists for all your non-emergency Industrial Hygiene needs. M&M can provide supplemental in-plant monitoring to maintain your existing sample schedule, or provide degreed Industrial Hygienists to provide a complete exposure assessment of your site. The exposure assessment will provide the hygienist the information necessary to develop an effective monitoring program to ensure the protection of your personnel and compliance of your facility. Once the monitoring program has been established for your facility, M&M can provide follow-through by managing the complete Industrial Hygiene Program.

  • 24 Hour Access to Industrial Hygiene Professionals as resource for the Emergency Operations Center.
  • Off-site Industrial Hygiene Monitoring Strategy.
  • 24 Hour Emergency Response for Field Monitoring, Site Safety and Decon needs.
  • Industrial Hygiene Program Management (Exposure assessments, monitoring strategies, sampling programs, instrumentation maintenance, etc.).
  • In-plant Industrial Hygiene Monitoring Projects (Turn-around, special task, process evaluation, etc.).
  • Exposure Assessment development and implementation.
  • Laboratory transfer and analysis ensures compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Formal written reports and results interpretation by Degreed and Certified Industrial Hygienists.
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