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Industrial Firefighting

Comprised of over 100 years of experience, M&M provides 24 hour Response Readiness personnel and equipment waiting to assist you any time, anywhere. Our experiences and proven past history highlight our effectiveness and reliability in extinguishment and technical advisement of industrial fire related emergencies. Based on your needs M&M will respond with or without equipment. If your needs are specific to a technical resource, you will be provided with the advisement and assistance of the most knowledgeable personnel in the industry.

If your equipment and personnel resources are not sufficient to handle that once in a lifetime event, M&M will supplement the necessary expertise, man power and equipment for effective suppression or prevention. With our “Partners in Fire Protection Safety”, National Foam, we are prepared to respond immediately to any fire suppression need.

For long-term relationship development, M&M provides complete SAFE assessment surveys to ensure planning for your fire related emergency is accurate and readily available to the appropriate responders. M&M will perform the assesment, complete with associated written reports, identify local resources, and train those resource personnel to your specific fire suppression and prevention needs.

  • 24 Hour Response of equipment and personnel anywhere in the world for all fires of any type or size.
  • Over 100 years of direct Industrial, Marine and Municipal firefighting experience and expertise.
  • Safety First mentality for all responses.
  • On-going relationship to provide the best pre-planning available to your facility.
  • Fire pre-planning and fixed fire suppression design and program development.
  • Incident Command structure utilized and staffed with M&M personnel for every incident.
  • EOC staffing with M&M personnel and complete Incident Management even after the incident.
  • Fire Suppression technical expertise and advisment.
  • Supplemental or stand-alone man-power and equipment.
  • SAFE assessments and training.
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