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Professional Consulting

We can create, revise and implement any program or plan within the safety, security, health, environmental or emergency response field. M&M Protection, LLC will provide the plan development as well as the follow-up training for any of your program needs. On-site Fire Protection assessments as well as complete Emergency Response Plan development are specialized areas where M&M Protection, LLC can easily satisfy your needs turn-key.

The Professional Consulting offered by M&M Protection, LLC has no boundaries. We pride ourselves on customization, not cookie cutter approaches. Let us know your needs and together we will develop an approach that will best suit your organization. We will ensure we address every facet of the overall need to ensure the end result is complete and effective.

M&M professionals are available for any special projects you may have. Our personnel can assist in procedure development, including on-site evaluation, testing and recommendation, for operating procedures to ensure the procedure is developed or modified to maintain health, safety and environmental protection.

  • Written Safety Procedures and complete safety manual development
  • Written Health Programs and Industrial Hygiene plans
  • Environmental Procedures and manual development
  • Environmental Disposal plans for on-site chemical disposal needs
  • MSDS creation and MSDS related projects
  • Rescue pre-plans
  • Emergency Reponse Plans
  • Impact Recovery and Information System (IRIS)
  • Special project consulting
  • On-site evaluation, testing and recommendation of operating procedures

Emergency Management
Industrial Firefighting
Contract Emergency Services
Transportation Emergency Response
Hazardous Materials
Industrial Hygiene Monitoring
Remediation and Disposal
Security Assessment
Professional Consulting Products