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Remediation and Disposal

M&M Protection, LLC provides Environmental services in conjunction with or independent of Emergency Response. We will respond to your individual environmental remediation needs with our degreed professionals to ensure compliance while providing the most cost effective approach for remediation, clean-up and disposal.

M&M Protection, LLC will provide the expertise necessary to develop a remediation plan and sample protocol, complete the required sampling, submit the appropriate regulatory notifications and paperwork, provide the personnel and equipment as well as the verification sampling, and ensure the disposal methods are compliant with all applicable agencies. M&M can provide a completion report inclusive of all copies of related regulatory required documentation, to include certificates of destruction and sample analysis results run in accordance with the associated EPA methods, obtained by an appropriately accredited laboratory.

  • M&M Protection, LLC provides a turn-key alternative to handling all your environmental remediation and disposal needs.
  • 24 hour response to hazardous materials spills and leaks.
  • Degreed professionals to respond to your needs in a compliant, knowledgeable and creative manner.
  • M&M Logistics personnel to completely manage any environmental event.
  • Identification of unknowns through sampling and analysis.
  • Post incident soil remediation or surface decontamination and clean-up.
  • Post clean-up verification sampling and analysis.
  • M&M Protection, LLC provides waste characterization and manifesting services.
  • Waste disposal is handled through a bid process to determine the least inexpensive compliant method.
  • Formal written follow-up report and agency submittal.
  • Certificate of Disposal for documentation retention.
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