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Security Assessment

M&M Protection, LLC will help you secure your facility, whether it is an office building, an Industrial plant site, or an entire city. It is our goal to provide customized assessments for the protection and well being of life and property. We will comply with regulatory agencies and work to ensure compliance within government grant specifications. Our professionals come from a background of Law Enforcement, Special Situations Tactical Teams, and Industry. Assessments compliant with the Coast Guard and American Chemistry Council for example, as well as specialized organizations such as the Chlorine Institute, will be performed in a cost-effective manner. M&M can follow-up by developing and completing the associated plans required to ensure full compliance with the appropriate agencies.

Our security assessments can extend into development of an Impact Recovery and Information System (IRIS) program for your site, identifying, planning for, and training on the potentials for your facility. Our tactical pre-planning abilities will address probable Mass Casualty and Disaster Response situations your particular facility may encounter. Our training courses offered will be customized to ensure applicability to your specific needs. M&M Protection, LLC is ready to assist your facility today.

  • Site security breach vulnerabilities for land, air and water.
  • Electronic identification systems planning and implantation.
  • Facility response for mass casualty, bio-terrorism, rescue, 24 hours a day, anywhere in the world.
  • M&M Protection, LLC professionals with experience in all facets of threat assessment.
  • Executive level training for bio-terrorism and mass casualty situations.
  • Internal and External security assessments compliant with the most updated guidelines available.
  • Security program development and plan writing.
  • Impact Recovery and Information System (IRIS) programs developed for your site’s vulnerabilities.
  • Coordination and assistance with facility training.
  • M&M Protection, LLC will plan and coordinate the associated drills to ensure your facility’s readiness.
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