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Transportation Emergency Response

Transportation Emergency Response is provided utilizing professionals with hands-on experience to manage any Transportation Emergency of any magnitude, technically and logistically, turn-key. M&M’s professional team will manage your Transportation Emergency anywhere in the world. Our responders can mitigate hazardous materials situations cost effectively. We will provide our customers with experienced technical consultants on-site to handle the logistics of obtaining necessary supplies and equipment for emergency mitigation. Rail car assessments, including the consideration of transported product, can be performed by our knowledgeable response personnel for any magnitude derailment. A resource dedicated to contact and on-going communications with community and government agencies can be in short supply and high demand during an emergency. M&M can provide the resource nesessary to ensure these communications and up-dates are provided in a timely manner.

Community and personnel protection from chemical hazards is a priority of M&M Protection, LLC. Not only do we want to ensure our personnel are protected during a transportation incident involving hazardous materials, we also provide full Industrial Hygiene response to our clients, including chemical information briefing, on-site and off-site monitoring, and follow-up written reports from Cerified Industrial Hygienist. In situations involving less hazardous operations, our personnel can serve as the on-site health and safety representation, ensuring Site Safety Plans, MSDSs, Personnel Accounting, and overall Hazard Communication is completed accurately and available.

  • 24 Hour Emergency Response for all your Transportation Emergency needs.
  • Professional team of highly experienced individuals to manage all the logistics of your emergency.
  • Safety First mentality for all responses.
  • Incident Command structure utilized and staffed with M&M personnel.
  • On-site Rail Car Assessment.
  • Immediate logistical response for ultimate cost control.
  • All on-scene contractor activities managed and overseen by M&M personnel.
  • Liaison for community and governmental organizations and agencies.
  • Degreed and Certified Safety and Industrial Hygiene professionals.
  • Complete and thorough Site Safety, Personnel Accounting and Hazard Communication.
  • Formal follow-up written reports and agency submittal assistance.
  • Critiques organized after the emergency for lessons-learned and internal improvement opportunities.
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